Tray Lock / Cube Lock

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Anyone know how this mechanism works?

@2775Josh posted screenshots from the reveal and along with the 3-by attached to one of their arms you can deduce how the mechanism works from these. I think it is quite smart to have the gate rotate up like that.

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there’s probably a few ways to do it. you could either have some sort of one way gate on your tray, that lets cubes go up but not down. then link it to your tilter so that when it tilts forward the gate retracts, allowing the cubes to flow down the tray again.
you could also link it to your arm, where a stop comes up when you lift your arms, and when you lower your arms the stop retracts.


I got an image with cube locks in it from a teammate, and it helped me build the one the I needed. Here it is.


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