Tray Material

I have seen that many of the good tray bots have now started using this for their tray:

What is the stuff that they have on the tray that the cubes slide on? I can not tell


Zzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip ties


Is that one Zipties or multiple connected together?


they are single zipties

Where are they fed through?

obviously I don’t know the answer for sure, but probably through the holes in the angle that are closest to the side that the cubes would rest on


Y zip ties tho? I get that u don’t have to use Le an but is it just as effective? Is there any other reason?

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I’m not sure since I haven’t used zip ties like that, but I generally see them on 3 stage trays or 2 stage trays with extensions. My assumption is weight savings and the availability of zip ties vs lexan, plus you can only use so much lexan on your bot.

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You are from Ohio right?

No, Michigan
20 char

Oh, I thought I have seen you guys in ohio

We were at the Kalahari signature event last year

that makes sense