Tray Sliders causing stacking issues

Our team has nearly a fully designed robot, and we have a 3 stage + 1 linear slider tray. Our slider uses high strength bearing blocks + standoffs + polycarb side rails and backing, but it has issues where when deploying a stack, it would hook on and push down on our stacks causing it to fall. We have seen other teams (such as 25461Z or 6842Z, and many more) have sliders that are able to slide/fall off the stacks without knocking them over, despite the weight of the slides. Does anybody have ideas how these teams are able to do this? We do have screwheads poking out our polycarb backing, so maybe those are hooking, but I would like to hear any other ideas that people ahve.

What I notice from slider trays is that the tray tends to not go to a full 90° angle and instead stops right before. This allows the cubes to naturally orientate themselves into a straight stack and pull away from the tray just enough to let the slider fall down without a hitch.


If push comes to shove, countersink the holes in the polycarbonate to get a flush surface