Tray Stacker cube holder

What’s the best way to make a mechanism that holds the cubes of our tray stacker when we lift up our arms that have the spinners attached to put a cube in the tower?

Any ideas?
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It’s a simple concept; lift goes up and c channel (or something) sticks up in middle of tray; lift goes down and c channel (or something) goes back down

How do you accomplish that?

it can be a very simple mechanism. a lever triggered by your arms, pulls down a lever in your tray. you’ll need figure out how to build these levers, there are no step by step instructions. good luck!

Honestly, the biggest challenge is that you can’t brace your arms bc you would have to move your tray out of the way, thus defeatimg the purpose of the cube lock

You could brace them like Goofy (behind the arm towers) where the brace lowers as the arms raise

If u put an axel through both arms and band properly u might be able to get away with not having supports

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It’s ok to ask for help when you’re working on a new mechanism, but I would suggest trying to construct this kind of thing yourself. That’s the spirit of the game, and you might even discover a better way to do it.

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