Tray stacker starting inside of size limit

How would you start the tray of a tray stacker inside of the 18x18x18 limit then have it snap up durring auton?

most trays are split into 2 or 3 stages, which can fold up, and are rubber banded to unfurl at the start of the match.


Would you happen to have a diagram so i can see the way that it is held under the 18 inches
How does it snap up durring auton?

if you go on youtube and watch other team’s reveal videos you should be able to get a good understanding.


Here’s mine. The tray sections are each on screw joints and and banded together.

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This is my first year doing this and my team is using a tray stacker. Right now it is within the size limit but when we put on rubber bands it does not unfold. Do you know why this is and if you do can you help to fix it?

If u intake cubes the tray should be forced out

You need to post photos if you want more help. We’re happy to help, but without knowing the setup, we can only give general tips.

I know I don’t currently have any pictures but when I do I will post pictures.