Tray Suggestions

Hey Guys, I was wondering what tray fold linkages you guys are using because I used 448x’s and it wasn’t the most compact linkage. Also do you guys recommend two stages with a linear slide on the top stage or three stages?

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i think 3 stages with expandable slides on top is doable to hold around 11 cubes in total, but it will be really hard. it would require a custom slides design and completely minimal slop because once it starts drooping it wont stop.

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how should i make my tray more stiff while still being lightweight

What do you mean by stiff?

I believe @Atomic is asking how he could make his tray more structurally durable, while keeping it light. My main advice is to incorporate triangles into your design. Triangles are known for their strength and are used in architecture.

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If this is the case, use cross racing and rubber bands.

Use L channels, with steel plate going across the back. My school team uses that design, and it is incredibly light, yet very strong. I bit more weight would be ok for the first bottom stage, but generally you want to get lighter the higher up you go

My preferred method is polycarbonate plate on the back of the tray and 2 2x2 angles.

Dont couple angles together for trays, I learned that the hard way.

What do you mean coupling angles? Do you mean connect two separate L channels together end to end?

Put them on top of each other and screw in.

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