Traybot Armlift System

My team is building a traybot with a 4 Bar arm lift. With the range of motion of the tray, it makes it extremely difficult to support the arms ( so they move together ) and have it not interfere with the tray. How would you guys go about supporting it.

I would have a cross bar supporting the arms near the top of the lift. When lifting the arms, the tray could be angled a bit so that it allows the arms to move without any difficulty. I believe 1961Z does something similar to this, except with a 2 Bar Arm Lift.

Thats what i have looked into. The only issue is that our tray is run on a 1:25 gear ratio. Meaning that it doesn’t fold unless by the motor so I would have to manually extend the tray which is what I think I’m going to do. As of wright now we have a single stand off chain that runs across in a spot that doesn’t interfere with everything. It connects it but essentially serves no purpose.

A line of standoffs doesn’t seem to provide any real support. It could bend easily if the lift arms are moving at a slightly different speed.

You may need to move your tray forward a bit to attach a big c-channel across your arms for stability. And brace the towers the arms attach to. A ton. Make sure it is stable enough that you cannot bend them forwards, backwards, side to side, or twist them by wiggling the arms. Diagonal bracing with standoffs and c-channels is your friend.

The only issue with moving our tray forwards is that we need our rollers ( which are mounted meaning no flip out action ) to stick out a certain distance in front of the tray. If it doesn’t stick out far enough then it cannot intake cubes efficiently. I think what I’m going to have to do is manually move the tray forwards slightly before lifting the arms allowing more room for the arms to move through.

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