Traybot Autons


Our team recently finished a tournament with out traybot and overall did pretty good. One area we thought we need improvement on was our auton. The main issue was that when we went to stack the bottom cube would be either pushed out to far and not stack, or the stack would be too far up the intake and fall down spilling them all.

Im asking the forum if any of you have successfully made a stacking auton, and if so, what did you do better/different than the rest/


Welcome to forum! I had a 4pt and had the drive and rollers moving back at 25% speed (they need to be together in speed or the bottom cube will shift) also, outtake the cubes as you go to the zone

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Yes! Our team can stack 5 in auton. It is semi reliable (because of the comp,I aged way that we stack). Some teams in China have been able to stack up to 10 cubes in auton.

You can use a limit switch to determine when to turn off the rollers and how many cubes your tray has

The way we align our bottom cube during autonomous is by setting the cubes at the top of the rollers setting the rollers to a “rotateFor” in programming to lower them a specific distance to stack. this is not the most accurate though because the height of the bottom cube after depends on the amount of cubes in the stack

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