Traybot Bumping into Glass

So you see, the back of our field is glass. When we are driving and programming our auton, we couldn’t use that side of the wall for aligning and the tray will also bump into the glass. Would that be a problem? What could we do?

It looks like u have space where ur sitting so just move the field over and move ur seats to the other side

No it’s actually the fixed cabinet with unorganized broken vex parts

Turn the field 90 degrees. Idk if this will Gus all ur problems but at least you’ll be able to deploy

You could try putting some large foam tiles up against the glass when you are using the field just so that if you do bump the glass you don’t risk breaking it.

Definitely try to find a space where you have room on all four sides of the field, as that will also affect drive practice. If you can’t do that, you could always test it on the red side, and then mirror all the turns for the blue side. This should work if your bot is consistent enough.