Traybot dangers

At the beginning of almost every match now during Tower Takeover, each bot goes through this sort of transformer phase where their intake rollers might flip out or their tray might unfold. Specifically, the ramp unfolding part might hit someone. During driver control, the same ramps often swing around and could hit not only the drivers, but the referees. Are these swinging trays too dangerous or not at all?

I do not believe that the design of tray bots is dangerous, except deploy maybe. I do think, however, that tray bots can be driven dangerously. I know that personally I try my hardest to never swing my tray over the field wall. It adds an extra step into your thought process but it is for the safety of the refs and drive team members,


Unless the driver it purposefully trying to twap people in the heads, then the likelihood of a accident are slim

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  1. remember to wear safety glasses in alliance stations - all that stored energy for passive releases can pose an issue
  2. be mindful of cables - drive teams should be a foot or more away from field perimeter, or face entangled cables - if you controller cable is inside the field plan, well…
  3. sharp edges inside and outside of robot - we had to stop matches on a field while blood protocol was being followed and bloodied tile removed (fortunately we had a spare)
  4. when transporting robot, make sure it is at its lowest energy state possible - so if you need all those rubber bands to flip out the tray be sure the tray is completely unfolded (BIG SIZE) when carrying it from one location to another…

So remember Safety first! and Common sense apply.



I cannot stress number 4 enough. I saw several instances yesterday where a kid almost ate it while carrying a folded up tray and it deployed it in his face. The only time it would be OK for someone to hold it like that this if you have a solid locking mechanism that can only be unlocked manually or some other way to prevent your robot from unfurling like a banshee in your face.


Kids need to wear safety glasses everywhere.

pretty much best thing to remember outside of a match is have the robot in its most relaxed state until it it touching the foam tiles and is ready to start the match.


@Freshscott I agree with you I left my traybot closed without the intake or tray fully extended and left for 2 minutes and came back to it completely extended and nobody even touched it so if someone had been standing behind the robot it would’ve hit them in the face so be careful


This is why you have your tray open when you intake cubes :slight_smile:

Our team wears hard hats (you can see them in the Indiana Speedway sig event). In one instance, auton began on the wrong field while we were still setting up. The tray unfolded, and hit my teammate right in the hard hat.

Hard hats save lives. Especially in this game.


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