Traybot Essentials

Hey yall!
I am currently working on my traybot right now and currently am trying to figure out how I can get more than 6 cubes. That currently is my limit but I have seen other teams do 10 with ease.
What would you all say are the essentials to making a tray bot that can get more than, say, 8 cubes?
Things such as tray angle, compression, motor gearing, etc.
This is also primarily targeted at traybots that include a 2-bar for towers.
Thanks in advance everyone!

Try to make tray angle as low as possible, make intakes as close to the ground as possible, and as together as possible, and try high gear ratio (torque) for tray lift.
To see pics visit instagram page at 7686b_vex
btw sorry if it sounds like im advertising i just cant take pics on this computer


Beware: dont get it too low. I failed at my first comp because my I takes were so low they caught on the goal zone borders and knocked the stacks over


having many stages on your tray also helps. 3 stage flip out is popular, as well as 2 stage flipout with a cascading third stage.