Traybot featured in Ref training videos?

I’m sorry if this was a repetition of the previous topic which I made about the super kit picture robot. But I was wondering about traybot featured in the referee training videos and the V5 super kit picture. I was told by many people about how a similar concept, the super flip was released last year. I can only assume that one will also be released this year for tower takeover, in the Vex EDR robot builds, however, I was wondering when it would be released.

I have no idea when they released such builds. However, I do remember seeing pictures of flip and super flip around the website quite a while ago, so I would guess maybe around winter? possibly earlier? idk.

i think once they release I’ll start advertising it, and a lot of teams at states and provincials will be using such robots. I assume it’s going to be called the super lift, since they already have the lift. (Similar to last season).

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I really hope they don’t release it. Not only will it be really boring to see this same robot at every competition (which will inevitably happen if an instruction guide is released), it will hinder the engineer learning process.


I don’t think that going to happen, because as @Xenon27 and I discussed above, he said that not very many teams used the last season equalvelent of the robot refered to.

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I agree. I’ve been a part of vex for 2.5 years and don’t even know this was a thing.

The menu is hard to get to, I actually didn’t know until I just randomly browsed around the Vex website.

Then why do you feel the need to advertise this one?

I think TP was the first time Vex ever released instructions for a competition robot. In which case you would not have noticed it before then.

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I was asking about when it was going to be released