Our team/school does not have enough treads for everyone to have enough for their intake so we have to use a combination of normal chain and flaps. This makes it hard to get enough traction to suck up cubes. Anyone have any suggestions to improve our intake?

buy more treads would be an obvious plan A. if this isn’t possible, then use more flaps than you normally would. the rubber treads aren’t really necessary if you have enough compression and frequent flaps.


I’ve seen a few teams using Omni Wheels for intakes instead of treads. If you have spare Omni wheels, that’s an option.

I would think traction wheels would be better because more grippiness and they cant slide. Plus, they’re used less

Omni Wheels actually have a higher coefficient of friction than traction wheels.

My old mentor did a few tests with this. You can read about them here:


Thank you! I will look into this.

Thank you! A couple of people have affected this so I will test it out