Trending Ideas by Year

Over the years, there are ideas that were highly popular that year, and then were incorporated into the “canon” of well-used techniques in subsequent years. Some examples:

2007 Quad Quandary - Center needle intake
2008 Elevation - Dual tank-tread belt conveyors
2009 Clean Sweep - X - Holonomic Drives
2010 Round-up - PID control
2011 Gateway - 6-bar lifts, and sideways roller intake w/flaps (aka New Zealand intake)
2012 Mecanum drives, 8/10-bar lifts

Often a technique made its appearance the previous year, then became wildly popular the next.

Are there any that you would add to the list? In particular, what would you say are this year’s trending themes?

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I think Round Up was when 4 and 6 bars actually started getting popular too - if I remember correctly, the 6 bar was popularized by AURA’s usage of it in Round Up.

For gateway and sack attack is when the transmissions became popular.

I think it depends a lot on the similarity of games between the two seasons. Such as the side intakes which have already been seen a lot this season, taken from Gateway and the Top roller/tank tread intake seen in Sack Attack first being used in Clean Sweep. I think it depends a lot more on a design to fit the needs of the game.

On the contrary to that is of course the introduction of x-bar lifts and PID programming which have become more generic ideas that can be used every season.

I disagree with your examples of mecanums for Sack Attack, but that might just be because I live in a bottom corner of the globe and don’t get to see a large number of teams. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen 4 and 6 bars before Gateway, saw them in Round Up as well, but I have seen a trend somewhat like that occur here in VA.

On the forums they have been popular, but the actual volume of teams using transmissions is probably much less than 1% of all teams in the world.

There’s some ambiguity of when a design goes from being “present” to “popular”. Definitely AURA’s 6-bar lifts had been used the previous year. But I recall looking at video feed of the Gateway Championships, and after watching 10 matches (40 robots) asking myself, “Was there even 1 robot that WASN’T a 6-bar lift?”

My aim for this post was primarily to hear more “widely used ideas.” They can be “sub-themes” (for example, mecanum drives – I saw about 20% of local teams use them last year, not as widely-used as 6-bars, but still significant). But I’m not so much interested in exactly when or exactly how popular the ideas were – simply that they stood out.

More ideas, more variety, please!

And I’m especially interested in this year’s popular trends, even if they’re not new ones. BTW, our team is non-competing, so I’m not trying to “steal” ideas.

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I find it interesting that scissor lifts are getting more popular this year.

I guess a natural change is that more teams are using high tension chain and high tension gears while the amount of teams with pneumatics are slowly increasing.

Another trend I’m seeing is that competitive teams are strafing away from full omniwheels with a combination of High traction and omni’s

Also, many teams aren’t using high speed ratios, rather, they’re sticking to internal gearing with 1 to 1.6 speed

Each trend has their own strength and weakness. But I only see growing competitiveness in the future, especially in college.

Thx Draco – this is exactly what I’m looking for. Sorry it’s taken forever to respond – life is getting in the way of “fun stuff”

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For 2014 Skyrise, it appears that the reverse double 4-bar is the popular theme of the year. Any opinions on the dominant design(s) of 2013 Toss Up?

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OP, the 6-bar lift caught fire in Round-Up when Lynfield and Freerange Robotics from NZ dominated the competition.

You also totally missed Bridge Battle, which replaced Quad Quandary, and saw the first usage of scissor-lifts by China.

Do you actually mean like caught on fire or popularity?

toss ups big design was definitely 6 bar with side intakes. many teams also had a catapult and hanging mech.

I’m pretty sure he meant that it greatly gained popularity, not ignited. :slight_smile:

It’s like saying that the 6 bar exploded in popularity, it doesn’t mean it physically blew up.

I was just checking because you never know.:stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see from this video, both Lynfield and Free Range built 4-bars for Round Up:

There wouldn’t have been much point building a 6-bar for high school Round Up, because you didn’t have to lift that high.

The only 6-bars in Round Up were the ones on AURA’s robots, which you can see in this video:

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I would say that one of this years trends is the pneumatic claw.

There wouldn’t have been much point building a 6-bar for high school Round Up, because you didn’t have to lift that high.

The only 6-bars in Round Up were the ones on AURA’s robots, which you can see in this video:

Oof, it seems my memory is spotty, thanks for correcting me. Still, the N-bar lift became widely popular following that year because of NZ.

The reverse double four bar lift has been trending this year, especially, if made correctly, is very linear in motion reliably stable.

I would say that I have seen a greater prevalence of holonomic drives this year than most other years. Also many more teams are using elevator lifts than ever before.