Trending Ideas by Year

I haven’t seen a good elevator lift all season? Maybe it is just what I have seen but I wouldn’t say more people are doing elevator lifts.

Wow, I have been using almost exclusively elevator lifts this season, and won state with one.
The excellence winner in Colorado also had an elevator lift and won several awards and tournaments all season.

He said a good elevator lift

Winning tournament champions and excellence is what I consider good. If you have a different idea about what good is, please enlighten me.
I have seen a lot of bad elevator lifts too though.

I have yet to see any elevator lifts that can hold their own against well built scissors, RD4Bs or even n-bar linkages. Elevators can be decent, but from what Ive seen, ones that can even halfway keep up are few and far between. If you know of any who can, Id love to hear. Personally the idea of elevators is a good one but just not the best with vex materials.

Good being compared on a world-wide scale not just locally.

3946W has a great elevator lift that can keep up with 1826 (#2 in programming skills). They have a great robot, but can’t quite keep up in autonomous.

I can agree to this. :slight_smile:

3946W robot leans a lot and lifts slower with 6 motors than good robots with 4 motors lifting 3 cubes while 8059C was great 8 months ago but it just can’t compete in speed now.

This year’s big fad is passive and pneumatic intakes. They’ve been used before, but never very widespread. Motorized intakes usually carried the day, except maybe in the top matches of Round Up. With much higher heights and heavier objects, teams have had to save motors for the lift and drive, which has forced us all to innovate motorless intake systems.