Triangle Goals

So while reviewing the game manual, I noticed a field error from the picture. One picture shows that your trianglular goal is on the opposite side of your starting tile. 2 other pictures (top views) show the triangular goal on your side. (Closer to your starting tile). Could I get a clarification where the triangular goal is for your alliance? Thank you, sorry im not sure if theres an error in the smartphone version only.

I saw 5 depictions of the field, and only the isometric one had the High Goal facing away from your side.

I’d expect it’s just an oversight, but it is pretty major. I expect that they’ll take MS Paint and fill it in the right way in the next update. And clarify.

That was definitely just an error when making the game manual. The high goal should be facing towards the alliance’s starting tiles. (That would be a fun twist if it wasn’t though :wink: )

do not worry about it



richard p

I believe that the triangle goal is on the side of the alliance. I remember seeing it when the reveal happened and I’m 99% sure that it’s on the alliance side. And on the CAD file of the field it is also on the side of the alliance color.

If you’re referring to the Sack Attack App, there is an update to the manual that addresses the problem with the high goal in the image. You can use the Update functionality in the Settings menu to download an updated version of the manual.

I would be awesome if the high goal spun!!! :smiley:

Yeah, the high goal spinning would be very, very bad. Imagine how much harder it would be to score on them.

Not to mention if you nudged it hard enough all the sacks would fall off as it spun.

There was an FTC game like this where the goal spun.
[FTC HotShot Game Kickoff]
It was fun to play.

I think it would present more of a challenge for us.
I think it would be really neat if the high 30" goal did spin.

exactly, and thats why the bonus is high! it would give those veteran members a challange!!! :smiley:

With the lack of precision we can get from VEX products, I’m not sure if you could score on the high goal, providing a simple nudge would send it flying.

Then again, we aren’t using any sensors. Perhaps you could GAIN the precision with those, or enough practice. Still, I can’t see the High Goal being a game breaker. It’s too small.

From the look of this video]
Skip to 1:50

It actually looks like the center tower is pretty sturdy. When Karthik throws the beanbags on the goal, it doesn’t really shake. I don’t think the objects will fly off if you nudge the goal.

I believe descoring and keeping objects on the high goal will win the game.

Also consider how much more difficult it is to descore the high goal. You need to be able to either get over the plastic shield between the high goals, or you need to go to the other side of the field and still be able to reach 30".

I think the fact that high goal points are slightly more resilient to descoring than trough points will make the high goals very relevant.

How hard can it be to get your arm at 32 inches, and then hit the pile of sacks?

I’m working on getting an intake system at the moment that will get the objects out of the troughs. The stupid thing is always the wrong shape by the end.

Anyone have an idea other than a claw or the huge things from Clean Sweep? Just wondering.

That would only be possible if the momentum of your robot hitting the main post was in a circular motion. hitting it straight on would not cause it to spin in circles.

Oh. I have ideas SMURK. :cool: