Triangle or Square

Hey guys Lewis and Woody comin’ back at cha with another question. We’re confused about the arena. Is the climbing zone a triangle or four full squares. The handbook says two different things as the diagram shows a triangle but the text says “four” squares.

Can anyone shed a little light for Lewis and Woody? Thanks pals.

It is the 4 corner tiles (so its 2 grey and 2 coloured tiles to form a square)

The loading zone is the one that’s a triangle.

Thanks Michael Nutt, so what is done in the loading zone?

The triangle zone is where the robot needs to be touching to have you load the balls into the robot directly from the off the big pile of balls you get in that field stash.

If you were to place the balls directly into the field and not at/in/on the robot, this would be the area where you can introduce the balls into play. You can do one at a time or dump the whole set in there at once. The robot is the only limited place that can handle 4 at a time.

Keeping match load balls in your back loading zone triangle makes them unavailable to the opponents so be careful they don’t roll away and suddenly become open season.

Just as an addition to loading and climbing zones, there was a recent Q&A regarding the loading zone and robot contact:

As a summary, the opposing alliance’s loading zone is off limits both directly (directly contacting it) and indirectly (touching a robot which is touching the zone) for the full match, and the opposing alliance’s climbing zone is off limits for the last 30 seconds.