Triball problem

One of my teammates decided stupidly to play around with a triball and an Allen wrench and he dropped the Allen wrench into the triball and now we cant get it out anybody have any solutions, we have tried magnets they don’t seem to work too well.

Maybe you could suck it out with some sort of vacuum then blow up the triball. I don’t really know though hopefully this could help.

We have had a few normal shafts dropped into the Triballs “accidentally”.

I’ve taken a 1/4" drill bit to one of the corners to get it out … then the ball is for practice fields only.


It would perform less effectiveley and dent more easily, but you could drill a slightly larger hole in the spot where the hole already is, so you can get some needlenose pliers or tweezers in so you can take out the allen wrench. As long as you dont go too crazy, the triball shoud still perform roughly like a normal one.

I can’t think of any way you can make a minimally intrusive operation on a triball to remove an Allen wrench. However, vex does sell extra triballs (though they are currently out of stock). If you are just using the field to practice, you could just cut it open then glue it back together. Or accept that there will always be an Allen wrench in your triball.

i would keep the tri ball and put it on a shelf

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drill a tiny hole, shake, and hope for the best.