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Interesting concept… a double-decker double flywheel

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Unique idea, do you ever use both flywheels at the same time?

@Mystical Pie We used to, but we found that the balls hit each other too often and messed up our accuracy. With our current motor set up, the bottom launcher can’t quite make full court shots anyways (2 motors for the bottom, 4 for the top)

In the Dragon Speed Teaser we were loading both launchers and the balls were always hitting each other, but the top launcher shoots a little over 1 bps full field and finishes the loads for skills in 17 seconds or so, so we thought making all of them would be more important than finishing faster. Also! We should have bumper stickers at our pits free for people to put on their robots! We are coming up with things to put on them. Please stop by and grab some!

Do you find that the structure of the type of double flywheel you use (with smooth wheels on the bottom and omnis on the top) helps it to shoot farther? Or what’s the logic behind that?

@ShadowIQ We’ve tested very many different flywheels this year. A lot of it was just trial and error. We found that this setup works the best for speed and accuracy for our robot. Hope that answers your question! :slight_smile:

The bottom flywheel has slightly less mass, it can’t shoot as far but it recovers faster and it’s angled up so we can shoot from up close. The top launcher has heavy wheels with a different compression rate and is angled more ballistically for more accuracy.