Trinity Robotics Team 40A: Pre-Worlds Reveal

Trinity Robotics proudly presents, Team 40A: Canned Ham.

** Robot Specs**

  • 6 Motor HS Drive
  • 2 Motor Chain Bar Lift
  • 2 Motor HS Intake
  • 2 piston front catapult (13-15 full field shots)
  • Over 15 different Autonomous modes

And now for the video… Enjoy!

If anybody has any questions don’t hesitate to ask. See you in Anaheim!

Do you think it’ll ever be an issue that the third buckie in you bucket always hits the bar like that?

In case you were curious, I ran through my database and that 105pts from Green Egg and (Canned) Ham is in fact a world record.
One question, 2 motors does not seem like enough to to hang, do you transmission your drive motors? It looks as though your wheels are spinning as you climb suggesting you don’t disconnect the wheels for the hang, does that have any issues driving into the wall at the beginning of the hang if you do transmission your drive?

Great job all season, and good luck at Worlds!

That shot of us going under the bar with 3 buckies is old and since than we have changed the robot so the problem you described no longer exists :slight_smile:

Thanks we will do our best to represent New England well! Wow…I knew that it was a high score for our region but i didn’t realize that it was the highest in the world…that’s really cool! Yup you guessed right, we shift all 6 drive motors to a winch that assists the lift in hanging. We don’t stall into the wall because we use the lift to get the robot off the ground just enough so that the wheels don’t stall on the wall.

A high hanging chain bar? Now that’s really impressive. Not to mention, coupled with a 6 motor drive train.

Did you use a PTO to power the hang?

Thanks! It took a lot of work to perfect. Yes we do in fact use a PTO. All 6 drive motors shift over to a winch so it hangs.

Awesome! Great use of a PTO to allow high hanging with a six motor drive. Good luck at Worlds

Thanks! We really like our six motor drive :smiley:

Is that a precarious spot to have your quadrature encoders on your drive or is it a non-issue?

Wow. What an interesting tournament it was for us. We started the tournament going 1-5 and ended the tournament as math division finalists and Teamwork award winners. First off, I want to thank team 44 for picking us. I’m sorry that we couldn’t bring a world championship home to New England. You guys truly have an amazing robot and it was a pleasure to work together, not only at worlds, but throughout the entire season. I also want to thank team 2158M for being great alliance partners. You guys also had an amazing robot. To the math division champions 8000A, 2587z and 2941a: You guys had a great strategy, that when executed, made it impossible for your opponents to win. I thought for sure you guys would go all the way.
On a more personal note this was my last year of HS VEX and I’m very grateful for all that VEX has done for me over the years… And maybe just maybe I’ll be back next year on a VEXU team.