Triple AAA Battery Chargers

I have a few new Triple A battery chargers that when plugged-in the red led’s stay red with no batteries inserted or blink with no batteries plugged in.
Have powered off and on. Have unplugged and replugged. Have inserted batteries and light continues to stay on. ???

Hello DaveP,

This is really strange…
How long have you had this units?
Were they working before?

Please email your VEX order number to for a warranty check.

Also, do not use the ports that have the Red LED’s ON before you ever install a Battery…


Hey Eli,
I just received the units. I’m working on getting the Vex Order number from my Learning labs rep, Mr. Keith Edwards.
We recently purchased 30 claw bot kits for upgrade purposes to our 30 PIC classroom kits. The chargers came with the clawbot kits. I have three that have this problem. One of the charger when plugged in has all led lights that will not shut off. Two of the charger have single lights that stay on regardless of what I do.
I’ll get back with us on the number as soon as Keith replies.

I just came across three Potentiometers that came as part of 11 Kits ordered through Learning Labs that do not have pins protruding out the end of the plug. I’ve checked all 11 kits and just have the three. Have you seen this before? My first thought was a student clipped them off, but when looking at the ends under magnification it does not look like anything has been pinched. Also, what brass there is, falls inside the plastic end.

Hi DaveP,

Was this Potentiometer missing the pins right out of the box?
If the sensor was already used, there is a chance that the pins were accidentally damaged. Once the pins are damaged you can replace the connector by soldering the connector of a 3-wire extension cable in its place.



Yes, three separate potentiometers were missing pins right out of the box.