Triple Banding Vs Double Banding

Hello Everyone, This is kinda urgent, but i need to know the difference between triple banding, and double banding because it might help with the problem that the more rubber bands i add to keep the lift all the way up, i can’t go down to pick up the one cube, I use two 100 rpm motors.

Main Question : Difference between triple banding and double banding

The goal of banding is to pull with the least change in elastic force. That means using more double bands tends to be more advantageous than fewer triple bands since the triple multiplies the difference in upward force by the bands in the low position vs the high position


what is the literal difference, like does it give higher force, or make it more linear?

As I stated, double tends to mean a more constant force (thus, a linear force I suppose), but it all depends on your design. For instance, if you have a lever, single banding it from the top will likely be less linear than triple banding closer to the fulcrum since there is less movement between positions, negating the multiplied effects of triple bands