Troll(defensive) Bot Questions

Hello! What is the beast way to incorporate an arm on a troll bot? :confused: What are the best designs for sack attack making a trolling robot?

As the great mediumdave has taught us shrugging robots are the way to go.


Welcome to the forums, tabor473 is referring to this.

Watch from about 1:40


May I add that trollbot was Plan B after Makes-it-Mathematically-Impossible-to-Lose-bot failed after getting nudged too many times.

you just didnt have enough time to “do it right” :wink:
(neither did we :()

The intake system required for the design needed to be better. Another idea would have required a bunch of pistons shifting a auto aligning v. and more speed on the drive .

What was the bigger troll murdo getting sky to build a bad robot or skys robot.

Disclaimer: I actually really like Murdo and Mediumdave and their respective robots.

I chuckled. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems every year there are more than one of these “give me a design thread(s)” towards defensive robots. Even if this one could be one big troll. Still bothers me.

Prototype. Iterate. Prototype. Iterate. Design. Iterate. Redesign. Throw out. Iterate again. Design. Iterate.

Did I mention Iterate

You’d be surprised what you can actually come up with. I’m sure a lot of other teams can vouch for that to.

Seriously guys.

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took someone long enough to get that figured out :wink:
or was it our super long teaser thread? :wink:

I was banned for a good junk of that and had to use a proxy to keep up with the 5 pages a day of.
Does it do this?
No but it can 2v1 any two robots in the world. I it impossible for us to lose.

I have an idea, but I just wanted to see if there are any suggestions

To be fair, there is a difference between “give me your design” and “how do I do this?”

Oh yes. Of course,


He’s asking for a design.

Here he words it a bit better.

And the truly good ideas you won’t hear about until later in the season. As this forum more or less has become how to talk about your design without giving it away the best on design threads (at least that is what I have gotten away from it) people post robots and such and then people copy.

Here is my suggestion to the OP if your okay with posting it please do so (as you did start the thread) If not then why did you start the thread in the first place?

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