Trophy banner poll part one

Its award season. Time to make the awards count as much as you need.

Pick two!

  • We want a banner
  • We want a trophy
  • We want a small trophy and cash to build our next robot.
  • We want cash, a trophy is good, but we can build on cash
  • Need the sponsor recognition so a small item works.

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It’s my impression that “Banners” are for State-level (Signature and World) tournaments - is that not the case? As such, they seem to be more valuable because they are restricted to certain competitions. My impression of this poll is that you are asking if Banners should be awarded for weekend competitions?


I need to Order Delmarva Regionals, they lead to worlds. Sorry for the confusion, I can spend $1000 on metal or $1000 to help future teams.


To me hosting regionals is not about fund raising like qualification events. That’s why I give away as many trophies as I can provide judges for and every banner available. The more teams that go home with an award, the more schools that have recognition and better support from their administrators. I get what you’re saying, but the $1000 in awards could lead to more than $1000 across the region. Administrators and sponsors want to see hardware.


I’m with @Jobe on this one - I would think $1k in glitzy awards may be able to get more than $1k in sponsor funding. Downside is that the funding/sponsorship might go to teams in least need of it (e.g. the successful ones instead of the low-budget team serving under-served communities)


As a non profit, I track awards vs money vs requests vs cash.

Getting an award results in cash in 11% of the time for unrequested amounts (people just send you money)
Just asking for money in cash is 18% of the time
Just asking for money in “in kind” donations is 38% of the time.
Getting an award results in cash in 40% of the time
Getting a request with Whats In It For Me (WIFFM) gets cash 62%
A second request for WIFFM gets 71%

Numbers change, as your wins build asking grows. But long term sponsors (73%) are worth going after.


I want to add that @DanMantz and I are after corp dollars. We love

  1. You and your group are awesome. Here is a few million… a few dollars
  2. You are awesome. As a percentage of this target you can receive (age, race, gender, location, etc)
  3. In kind - Pizza, metal, etc.
  4. Tie in - Gopple is the primary sponsor of Delmarva.
  5. Sales from merch.

Mom said Shoot High, and I’m an engineer

But my passion has me begging for dollars …


Neither one of us is new here, And we both know that threads we we post have the possibility to and actually do go spinning off in divergent, if not wild directions. So I posted two posts, expecting, hoping for the best, but when in doubt, a contingency for other actions. Let us meet in a future time to celebrated our congruence or our toast to divergence.

Foster are you actually okay? You posted the same message in two threads, pinged Dan for really no reason, and posted a message that quite honestly is impossible to make meaning of. I’m legitimately concerned, are you okay?


/snicker – Dan and I share the burden of asking for dollars. He is a really nice person on an world wide level asking for money, I scavenge around in Delmarva looking for money. While on the same mission, we are looking at the same food source. STEM dollars are scarce, but the dollars ask to be eaten. Sony/Google etc are enticed by Dan’s maw, others are willing to feed me. Life as a successful non-profit isn’t easy.

And for the record, I would never want @DanMantz job. While sitting on top of a robot empire seems cool, the nuance of the job is a killer. 90% of the “Hello friend” handshakes are followed up by “please give me money”.

I posted on two threads, because they are divergent, but need the same push. You posted the split, so I need to keep the split moving.

Read the message, it has meaning. Savor the words, and extract.

But on the Other Other Hand (OTOOH) thanks for your concern, In these weird Covid and shutdown time and the fact that I’m older than Pascal makes me appreciate your concern for my mental and physical safety. I feel great about the forum.


Sir, please go get some sleep.


This thread has my first tag for 2022! Happy New Year!

I have to say, I get super pumped when I visit a school and see VEX Robotics trophies in the trophy case or banners hanging in the gym or robotics lab. It’s hard to put a real ROI on it, but the feedback we have received is that when schools show off their trophies and / or banners, it excites the entire community and helps the school get funding for the next year. That doesn’t mean we are going to give out trophies for every team at every event, it just means we will continue to support them and provide discounts to EPs.

Foster is right, fundraising is a hard job at both the school and REC Foundation global level. I’ve helped fundraise for teams that I have coached in small towns to meeting with CEOs at Fortunate 500 companies. It takes persistence. I’m an introvert by nature and it is not easy for me to ask for funding, but fortunately what we are doing is importance and companies want to help. I remember a survey in 2019 asking if people thought the RECF should eliminate the speakers at VEX Worlds. A lot of us got a chuckle from that. This is one way we recognize our sponsor that give money to keep the costs reasonable.

So make sure y’all thank your sponsors - from the local pizza place that provided food for lunch to the parent that paid for the t-shirts to the local Rotary that gave $500 and to the “big” sponsors such as our presenting sponsor, Northrop Grumman Foundation. They are all helping give you students this amazing opportunity!


CEO - REC Foundation