Trophy for Rankings?

Shouldn’t there be a trophy for the Rankings champions? Although it would be slightly random to who got it depending on the alliance partners it would help fill in spots for the state tournaments. Currently, they are just filling in extra places from the skills rankings but this would help give meaningful trophies to those who managed to place first in the rankings.

What are your opinions?


I like to think abt tournaments as a filter. Quals are the first filter that get generally not-so-good teams out of elims. However, some of the not-so-good teams can still get rly high ranks if they get good alliances and bad opponents. Elims are able to ensure the best team wins. Skills is also good because even if teams are unable to win a tournament, they are able to go to skills on driving and coding ability.

However, I can see where you are coming from. Generally, the top skills teams are also tourney champs. I just think that if an award like the one ur proposing was introduced, it would lead to teams just going to as many tournaments as possible just to be lucky


I disagree. rankings are a quite poor metric to determine how skilled a team actually is. most of the time, the best robot at an even does not rank first. too many factors outside teams control. You’ll have lowered robot quality at states, due to lucky jankbots ranking first.


one fluke match can eliminate the best team in the competition in the playoffs.

i disagree for one reason. my sisters team was one of the lowest ranked team. but they were alliance with the best team at the competition. and they won. therefore all of the the auton points and score points were all put on my sis’ team. which that boosted them up into 4th place.

so i don’t think there should be a trophy for ranks.

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