Trouble adding brain to vexcode iq blocks interface

Hi All,

I can’t seem to add the brain to the vexcode iq blocks platform. I have a pixel slate chromebook with 1.0.4-8 version of vexcode iq blocks. when I click on the brain menu, I don’t get a “+” option to add a brain. I am trying to connect to it wirelessly. I’ve followed the tutorial and turned the radia data option on in the brain. And I have the ID, but I don’t have a place to actually add it to the interface. according to the tutorial, I should just be able to click on the brain button at the top and then there should be a smart radio connection section where you can click the “+” to add the brain. I don’t have any of that. I just have a pull down menu that has Brain Name, Vex OS, firmware listed.

Any suggestion greatly appreciated.


Currently wireless downloading is only available on iOS and Android. It is not supported on Mac, PC, and Chromebooks.

Thanks for the reply aallison. That’s what it was. I downloaded the android version on my chromebook(pixel slate) and was able to connect to the brain.