Trouble Attaching Horizontal Intakes

I’m having trouble figuring out a reliable way to attach our horizontal intakes. We’ve had them done for weeks but still can’t find out a way to attach it. If anyone sees anything wrong with the robot please also mention that too. I’m here to learn. Here are some pictures:

You need to tell us more. Like do you want them to flip out? Do you want them just to flex outwards for center goal? Do you want want them just to be stationary? How far do you want the intakes out? Just give us some more info and we could give your sone recommendations.

We would like to have them flex outwards for the center goal. The way the robot is configured currently, they only fit when they are flipped towards the back. The gap between the two front intake wheels is larger than the ball so they’d have to be angled inwards.

Pictures of the robot from more angles would be helpful. Overall, I’d say your build quality is okay, but maybe consider adding more bracing to the wheel casings if sagging becomes an issue. To attach the intakes, I’d suggest putting on a bar as shown below, directly bolted onto the bars going across the robot, as well as the green wheel casings, to help with sagging. This would give you a pretty optimal spot to mount some kind of hinge for your intake.
Also, you may want to double check that the material you’re using for wheel casing is legal. It looks a bit thick in the photo, and doesn’t look like anything i’ve seen used before.


From my experience, with motors that far front on the intakes, it will have trouble moving close to the middle goal. So if you want to descore from the middle without poking, I would suggest moving the motor to the back flex wheel.


The wheel casing is 3D Printed (it’s just a prototype), we’re getting it cut into Lexan when we make sure that it works. We’ll try your idea, thanks!

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Yea lexan is the way to go. That’s a nice design btw.

Makes sense, we’ll try to redesign them after we get them attached to the hinge initially. Thanks