Trouble cadding with pillow blocks

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble cadding a shaft through a pillow block in Autodesk Inventor. I have tried the insert constraint, which gives me the odd alignment of the shaft. Is there any trick to doing this correctly?

Check if the pillow bearings are perfectly aligned by looking at the side view. You might’ve constrained one bearing slightly farther from the other from the looks of the image. If this was intentional, then I would just recommend rotating the axle freely, until you get a decent alignment.

I can’t remember what constraint options are in Autodesk Inventor, but maybe try making some edges tangent to the inside of the pillow block.

Edit the shaft cad so that an axis runs through the shaft. Make a concentric constraint with it and the inner round surface of the bearing

This is the best answer in my opinion.

Did you align the points?