Trouble connecting Joystick to Cortex

I am having trouble connecting my Joystick to my Vex Cortex. When I connect them with a USB cable, the Cortex’s Robot and Game lights are on, but not the VEXnet lights. The controller’s Joystick, ROBOT, and VEXnet lights are a solid red, and do not blink. The Robot light is off. This happens when it is connected to the Cortex, Computer, and even when it is by itself. I was updating the firmware on it and a message came up telling me it disconnected from the controller. That is when the controller started illuminating red. The Cortex is working fine, (firmware updated). How do I resolve this?

FYI: This forum has changed from the Cortex to the joystick!

A few tips.
Make sure you have selected the correct robot platform from the robot->platform type menu, you want to select “Vex 2.0 cortex”.

Check the device manager to make sure the cortex USB driver is loading, you should see “Vex Robotics Comm Port” when directly connected to the cortex or when using the new style programming cable.

ROBOTC has special firmware in addition to the VEX master firmware. Make sure you have downloaded this from the Robot->Download Firmware->Manual update Firmware->ROBOTC Firmware menu.

This may take some back and forth communication so I encourage you to open a support ticket and allow our technicians to assist you.

Looks like you have resolved this while I was replying and deleted the original post :slight_smile:

Probably better to make a new thread for a new issue next time.

It sounds like you may have corrupted firmware in the joystick. Best solution is probably to download the VEXnet update utility from here and reflash using that.

Connect the joystick using a USB A-A cable and see if it is recognized. If it is not, then try connecting when pressing in the “config” button using a paper clip or small screwdriver (press switch then connect cable). Latest version for both cortex and joystick is V4.25.