Trouble creating projects with VS Code extension "PROS"

Hello, I have issues trying to create a project in PROS (VS Code extension). I have no idea what to do and I don’t know how I’m even getting these errors. Images attached below:


If anybody has any possible solutions, please respond.

One solution is to open the integrated terminal and type the command pros c n your-project-name. Then, just open up the folder that gets created in VSCode. If an error arises from that command, send it here and I can further help you with fixing it.

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I followed your instructions and I received this error:

Is that the PROS integrated terminal (Accessible through the “integrated terminal” button in the PROS sidebar)? If so, click the “Verify PROS Installation” button to confirm that both the CLI and Toolchain are functioning. If they are, you will need to modify your environment variables following these instructions: Vscode PROS executable location · Issue #192 · purduesigbots/pros-cli · GitHub
. If either the cli or toolchain is reported as not working, click “uninstall PROS” and then “install PROS” and to redo the installation.

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Apparently I was running the command on the default VS Code terminal, not the PROS integrated terminal. I tried running it on the integrated terminal and was able to create the project.
Thank you for your help!

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No problem, glad it worked. I will try to get this bug fixed before the next minor update.