Trouble flipping caps.

So we have seen a lot of robot designs where the intake flips the cap and we wanted to implement this but are having trouble doing so. What speed is best for flipping caps? What about sprocket size? Etc. Any help would be appreciated.

A lot of intakes in Maryland are double forklifts that hook on to the cap and turn the cap around with another motor, sorry, I’m not sure what the ratio is.
Hope this helps, 952C

What’s your motor distribution? How many motors are you planning to use on the mechanism to flip caps? Do you mean flipping caps on the ground, the poles, or both the ground and poles?

We have a one torque motor intake with a 1:1 ratio. The roller sprocket size is 24t. We need it slower to be able to load the ball into our launcher

100 RPM? Thats really slow, we have ours running at one 600 rpm V5 motor, you should be able to get one Legacy motor to run at 300 RPM and work well.

Yea, you need a faster internal gearing just like what @ZackJo said. If that does not fix the problem, posting a picture of your intake would be appreciated.

Great thanks for the help, we will speed up the intake and I think that the guide for our balls to the catapult may be the issue as well. We will look into it.

We have tested it to go faster, at about 300 rpm, we have a puncher and when we changed it to 300 rpm it would launch it up and over our shooter.

We ran ours at 480rpm on one 393, so 300rpm isn’t a hard limit either. Definitely start at 300, but if you feel like it’d help you can probably go faster too

okay, we have recently changed the angle slightly lower, so tonight I can easily change it to 240 and test that to see if it will work now.

Ours did the same, we had to put a cover to keep it from flying over. You could also adjust the distance of the rollers from the ramp to decrease the tension, give it a little less spring. It sounds like you might have them a bit close to the ramp.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that after our next comp

ours is a 393 turbo motor geared 4:1 for speed, and we can flip caps fine. im not sure on gear size, but we have some smaller ones, try to get it as close to the ground and as fast as possible, with a sprocket gear on the smaller side