Trouble linking vexcode lib

Hi all! I’m having a bit of trouble porting lvgl over to vexcode. After copying over the headers and the lib file (libv5lvgl.a) and changing the mkenv file to link the library, i am having trouble building the project. I am getting the error that “arm-none-eabi-ld: cannot find -lv5lvgl”. If it matters, I am on windows.

did you start with my demo projects ?

did you tell the linker where libv5lvgl.a is located, if in the root folder of the project you will need to add -L. to LNK_FLAGS, if it’s somewhere else then add the path, for example, the demo leaves the library in the build folder so adds -L"$(BUILD)"


Thanks so much! So sorry about that I did not see the “L.” in the demo project. Thank you again for your help!