Trouble Opening Programs not in Recents

My class has been upgraded to the new VEX Code V5 Text. When a student saves their program to the school’s network folder at the end of the class. The next day if the student logs into the same computer they can open the program in the ‘Open Recent’ link. However, if the student has logged into a new computer they try to open their program file which they have found on the network but the VEX Code V5 program will not open the file.

Is it a .v5code (or whatever the ending thing is) file? Try saving it to a google drive and downloading from there

Edit: also it comes in a folder so that might do something. Im not an expert though

I am able to export the file and then import the file on a different computer.

It almost looks like when the program was saved on a different computer it only shows up as a shortcut.

Yes it is a .v5code file.

Does the issue have something to do with the other files and folders that are saved with a project?

I think so, but im not an expert. @holbrook could help you with this

One thing I might try is to copy the file from the network location to somewhere local to the machine, then try to open it from there. If that works, then it seems like a good bet that saving to a network location is causing problems of some kind - @jpearman and/or your network administrator can probably provide further insight.

using Import and Export works, but it is a nightmare for maintaining config control…there has to be an easier way to access network files from various computers?

We are going to need some more details to be able to help with this. Are you saying that if you use the “Open” menu item and navigate to the project on the network folder, the program won’t open ? What happens exactly ? Any error messages ? I tried a few things here with opening a project on a network volume and don’t see any issues.