trouble with a gyro sensor

we are having trouble with the yaw rate gyroscopes. we had 6 or 7 of these we were trying to get to use as sensors for turning. we were using the sample program (basic)that is in robotC 4x. We had one gyro that read just fine and one group of students was programming that machine. all the other gyros would do one of two things. Either it would not show data return info on the sensor feedback or the data number were going anywhere from about 50 to 4000 even though the sensor itself was still.

Make sure to calibrate the gyro if you haven’t

If it is just drifting, figure out a better way to mount it (one way is with flexible joints nearing an area that is not too far from the cortex and kind of distant from any motors or things that can contribute to noisy data)
Edit: It is likely calibration issues as drifting like to 4000 units is a lot

I did calibrate the gyro sensor for 2 seconds at the beginning of the program

It likely is due to the mounting then so getting a better mounting position could help. Figuring out sensor scale as well may be useful.

we will try a different mounting position