Trouble with Build and Download [EasyC V4 Cortex]

Attempting to use the build and download option, the program appears to compile properly in the output window, but the down-loader does not launch. The account being used to run the program was not the account that installed it, and did not have administrator rights.
Attempting to build and download on the account that was used to install the program (a local admin account) was completely successful. When the other account was granted administrator rights, it still didn’t work. Finally, I attempted to change the permissions on the compiler folder to full for all users. Still, attempting to build and download on my user account is unsuccessful, and I cannot find the output hex files anywhere on the machine. Running the down-loader from the tools menu is possible on my account and the default code can be downloaded. Master code and drivers are all up to date.

Does anyone have any solutions? Does anyone know where the compiler outputs the hex files to?

Run -> %appdata% and delete the intelitek folder in the account that isn’t working correctly. IF that doesn’t work, you probably have a problem with roaming profiles on the machine.

What OS?

Didn’t work. I’m running Windows XP. Sorry about the long time for a response.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be working. I’m running Windows XP.
I apologize for the long time in getting back.

Can you open the online window for easyC? Also, can you download the default code from easyC?

Yes and yes. I can run the download window and run the online window, but the download window will not launch after using build and download. It appears to compile correctly, but does not list an output HEX file and again, does not launch the down-loader.

Yes and yes. I have tested both. I can open the download window manually, but it won’t open automatically from Build and Download.

Can you please give intelitek support a call at 800 221 2763