trouble with stearing

Ok here is the situation…I’m new at vex this will be my second thing I’m making. It is a robot that shoots silly string. But anyway my problem is turning. My robot is long

Those if I use that length I can’t make it 4 wheel drive so i can’t use the tank stearing, because i don’t have enough gears.

In other words will it work if it is only rear wheel/ front wheel drive as far as stearing?

Two wheel tank drive can still work.
It works better for wide short bots, than for long narrow bots.
using a caster, omniwheel, or a tricycle steerable (servo) front wheel
will help steering. Otherwise, taking off the tires from the non-driven
wheels will let them slide-steer better.

If you have solid axles on front and back, you wont be able to steer.

Ok, thanks. I have some problems that need fixing. Either to get a caster(orbuild one), omniwheel, or figure out how to do the gears. I might have an idea! Thanks bobobobobobobobobobobobobob

I made a single servo steering linkage that would work for you. However you would have to cut some of your flat bars. Besides that it is easyto do.:slight_smile: