Trouble With Upgrading To VEXnet 2.0

Hello all I am currently trying to upgrade to VEXnet 2.0 but I am having some difficulties. I have downloaded the file that is located here and I am following all of the procedures it tells you to follow in the instructions, and I found the folder VEXnet Firmware Upgrade on my computer, but when I click on it I get 14 different files that do not open the window I need to upgrade the firmware. My first guess is that I have found the wrong folder, but I can’t find another folder like that to upgrade the firmware. I am using windows 8.1 and if any one could help me I would be very grateful.

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Did you install the firmware upgrade program? I am unsure of what you did from download to execute.

If you are talking about the zip file v4.0.1 then yes I did I also uninstalled it and re installed it but now the VEXnet firmware upgrade isn’t on my computer anymore. I am really not sure what to do.

What do you mean not on your computer? Is it not on the app list?

The install process is fairly straightforward, and I’m confused as to what you’ve done. I’m willing to try to replicate (I have 8.1).

B. Operating Instructions for the VEXnet Upgrade Utility Tool for use with the Cortex Microcontroller and Joystick Units.

  1. Install the VEX Programming Driver and VEXnet Upgrade Utility Tool on your PC if you have not already done so. Refer to Section C for the Installation Procedures.
    NOTE: The VEXnet Upgrade Utility Tool 3.x or higher requires the VEX Programming Driver and will not work until the driver has been installed.
  2. Open the Upgrade Tool – navigate to: “All Programs”, “InnovationFirst”, and then the “VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility”.
  3. One of the following Windows should be displayed: “Connect a VEXnet Device” or “Programming Board Found / Please Unplug”.

I have not been able to do step two in this section of the instructions, because I have not been able to find the “InnovationFirst” file or the “VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility” file on my computer to update the firmware.

On the apps screen can you search for “Vexnet” or “Innovation First” and see if it is in there?

Can you run a good old fashioned file explorer and find it that way in Win 8.1?

Go to the Start screen and type “firmware” or “VEXNet”. The utility should be listed in the search results.

Looks like Team80 beat me to it.

Okay I did what you both said and I get an error saying, “Component ‘Mscomctl.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.” How can I fix this?

Hmm. Quick google search and that appears to be a Microsoft VB set of files.

Apparently you can download it directly from microsoft.

Is there a way to run in compatibility modes in Windows 8 that might help?

Also make sure you run as administrator…

Run it as administrator in Windows 8.1 I had that same issue with the Firmware Utility.

On the start screen scroll over to the apps and it should be there.

Alternatively, run command prompt as an administrator and type in

regsvr32 c:\windows\sysWOW64\mscomctl.ocx

You’ll never need to worry about having to update/reinstall and having to fix it.

From what I understand, the issue is that the program uses this file, but it isn’t available in 32-bit operation (Firmware Upgrade is 32-bit). Windows can’t find the mscomctl.ocx and returns that error. By running the command above, Windows recognizes that the file exists in 32-bit operation.

Okay I got the 2.0 keys to work and thank you all for helping me trouble shoot my problems, but now I cannot download my code I am using an a to a cable and when I try to download my code to the robot another error message comes up and says, “Cannot communicate with VEX Cortex SlaveCPU. Master CPU communication is working.” Why does this message keep popping up when I try to download my code?

In RobotC this means you need to download firmware.

Up at the top hover over to Robot - > Download Firmware -> Manually Update Firmware -> RobotC Firmware or something of the like.

That’s what enables you to download code with RobotC to the Cortex.

Using the VEX Firmware Utility puts the robot with just VEX Default Code on it.

Yeah that idea came to mind before replied I forgot all about that dumb me:o but thank you.

We’ve been doing a Vexnet key swapping dance between Vexnet 1.0 keys and 2.0 keys. Avoid Vexnet drops by swapping to 2.0 keys and a competition switch. Use Vexnet 1.0 keys when debugging autonomous.

Any ETA on debug mode with the Vexnet 2.0 keys?

And the trade in program (needed after debug mode)?