Trying to avoid the remote.

So i am trying to use vex parts for a Science Olympiad event and u have gotten most of the hardware and softwarw working, however i am fairly sure that i can’t use the remote at all and need some wat to get the cortex to start without a remote or being tethered.

I’m not entirely sure, but if you are using RobotC and I remember correctly setting the communication mode to “USB” disables all remote control from the joystick. This is under to Robot → VEX Cortex Communication Mode menu (in RobotC). You will then have to redownload the code.

Thanks, i will need to check for that.

What Science Olympiad event are you using vex parts for? Rules for some events limit or prohibit radio communication, while others don’t. But if your event prohibits radio communication then setting the communication mode to USB in ROBOTC (as @EvolvingJon suggested) should do the job.

The robot needs to be self contained so i can’t have a controller at all.

So its a fully autonomous robot?

It is now and other than some coding stuff my partner and i are working on it is fully functional.