Trying to figure out what to use in the middle of my snailbot design

I’m trying to figure out what to put in the middle of my snailbot design. I can’t figure out whether I should put a 4 inch high torque wheel, or if I should use two seperate wheels, or maybe something else.

Are you talking about the rollers and if so just use rubber bands also plenty of discussions and reveals that use this. Use the search bar next time.

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Alrighty. Thanks for responding.

There are many things on this but as I am thinking it for an indexer you want all the rollers or whatever you are using the same size so all the rollers aren’t moving at different speeds

should i just make a flywheel then?

That’s is not what I am saying

Can you post a picture so I can better understand what your question is

ill do it later

defiantly 20 characters

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