Trying to Increase our VEX Program's Interest Levels

Any ideas on how to attract high schoolers (9-12) to join a team, we currently only have around 7 people on the team right now. We have one win under the belt and are hoping to go for another on the 21st of January at The Battle of the North. I’m currently a Senior in High School and don’t want to see the organization that I have built up for the past 3 years to go away. The school district seems particularly keen on keeping the program around, in fact, there are talks of turning it into a class next year, but for this year, I need to prove that the popularity is there. My question to all of the teams out there is whether or not there are any reliable ways to advertise a robotics club to students, and if so, what are they. Thank you to everyone who posts in this forum!

Here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Showing the robot off at a club fair, sports game, or something where plenty of students can be found

  2. See if you can get a local newspaper to talk about your team. My team, 5150, is pretty well known in the area as a result of newspaper coverage of our team going to worlds during the first few times we qualified. Unfortunately, they do not cover us much anymore. Our team has like 30 people and 6 robots, so I guess it worked.

  3. Get teachers who teach classes with students who would be interested in it to talk a bit about it. Getting even a few very interested new people could certainly help the team

We have our computer science and math teachers try to attract kids who they think would be interested. This helps create good recruitment.

Tell your friends. Also, advertise in the Middle School, because Middle school students are more impressionable than high school students that already have other clubs and friends.

sounds good!! I like both of your guys’ ideas! Thanks for the help!

or I should say all of your responses

Advertise. Advertise in:

  1. Local school fairs
  2. In the morning announcementz
  3. Through students and teachers

The way my school advertised it was through prestige and it was mentioned a lot on the school website and through the engineering program. My school also holds robotic summer camps and advertised it a lot through the freshman orientation.