Trying to play battle bots using bumper switch to kill controller..?

In my vex class we are trying to play battle bots. I want stop the controller from working when the bumper switch is pressed. We are only using graphical at this time. Please help…
Thank You…

Instead of a forever Loop put the driver controls in a repeat until Loop. Then have it run until the bumper is hit.

Thanks, I believe we tried that already, but I will try again.

Something like this should do it.


Thanks…Any Idea how to do the same thing except with 2 bumper switches…?

I suggest assigning a variable, call it “BUMPED”, before the loop starts, with an initial value of false. Have the “while” loop test for “BUMPED” = false. Inside the loop, test for either bumper being true, and if so, make “BUMPED” = true, so the loop will exit.

Can you post a pic of this in graphical robotc? Thanks…

Here you go. I tested this, and motors stop when either button is pressed.



ltpro1997, would you mind posting the code that you mentioned you tried but didn’t work?

Sorry, I wiped it.
The code you showed worked great. Thank you

Would you mind sharing a photo or a blueprint of your bumper bots? I’d like my post-season teams to build me few for a school demonstration so kids can have some fun when learning about the program…