Trying to revive r/VEXRobotics

(Using a throwaway cuz I don’t want my team finding my reddit, lol)
Heyo, I recently took over r/VEXRobotics and am in the process of creating post tags, revamping the look, adding info, etc. If anyone is interested in talking about VEX on reddit, feel free to join. I’m trying to make an active community on there as all the other VEX subs are dead, and need members and some more mods.


I’m fairly active on Reddit and happy to help out if you need. But be aware there is already a fair bit of activity on /r/vex, and between that and this site (which serves a lot, though admittedly not all, of the demand that might otherwise be taken by a more-active VEX subreddit) I don’t know that there is a lot of potential for another VEX subreddit to get a lot of traffic.