TSA Nationals

For TSA VEX competitions, is a team allowed to use different robots for state and nationals?

I believe so.

I coukld not find anything that said that in the TSA documents. There are several other rules like no more than 2 robots per club at nationals, and TSA attire (which I beleive ties are potentially a safety hazard)


As far as I could tell, the same rules of the robot you come with that event’s inspection is what you play with for that tournament.

I believe if they are registered under the same number than you are fine.

Ties should not be required in my opinion. If a student is leaning over while their flywheel is on, it could get stuck in the flywheel and possibly hurt them too

your tie is not going to get stuck in your flywheel that is very unrealistic lol I wore mine the whole time for GA state with no issues

You’d be surprised of the clumsiness of some kids I have seen

Typically in rules of any machine shop. Just googled for some examples. Spinny things and ties don’t go well together. Lots of other good rules in here to adhere to as well. Yes, a Vex motor by itself is not that powerful, but look at the wonderful machines you all made this year spinning so fast.

Western Michigan University: http://wmich.edu/engineer/ceee/edcsl/pdf/f212_safety_rules.pdf


Georgia Tech:


U Washington:

That’s what clip-on ties are for!

Last year ties were not required and my team was asked to not wear them. Also, as RECF was the group actually running the competition they allowed teams to compete in their team uniforms. All they cared about was that students all looked like they were on the same team. Some teams (mine included) just wore their team t-shirts and shorts, which was very nice for Dallas in July!


Karthik is the regional support manager for eastern Canada so I’m gonna go with no.