TSA Round Up Parts

In the previous TSA VEX competition SWEPT AWAY, teams were limited to using the VEX Classroom Competition Team Bundle (P/N: 278-1007) for parts. The TSA Rules have not been updated to Round Up and the non-TSA VEX rules stipulate that you can only use official VEX parts for the robots, but it doesn’t limit teams to a specific kit or parts. Will this be the same for the TSA (official VEX parts but no specific kit or parts) and when will the PDFs on the right menu be updated? (I need to purchase equipment and this will affect my decision.)

TSA teams will be playing VEX Round Up this year and using the VEX Round Up manual. As such, teams will not be subject to the parts limitations featured in the Swept Away game.

Will they play in the smaller 8’x8’ classroom field? If so, what will the placement of the goals be? Will they have a ladder also?


The TSA board decided to adopt the current VRC game for TSA. This means you can just read the “Round Up” manual to see the TSA rules. TSA is now using the 12-foot field.