TSA vex events?

Could anyone explain to me what the TSA vex events are and how they work. I am very confused on what they are good for and not good for and how they are different from normal VRC competitions. I would also like to know how you can sign up for the national event in Tennessee(assuming that you qualified through a regional TSA competition). Thank you!

Basically if the follow the TSA portion of the rules then it is a 1v1 tournament. Skills determines the top 8 or how many ever to advance to the tournament. I don’t like myself. Usually one loss and you are gone. It is not like a VEX tournament. G to TSAWEB.org and look at the advancement rules as well as the tournament rules.

The tsa vex tournament is a different fornat that as mentioned is different from the VRC fornat. There are generally 2 programming skills snd 2 driver skills runs allowed per team and then these scores are added together. The highest scores generally in the top 30 (at the state level i dont know about national) are put into a giant 1v1 bracket and then as per normal tsa conpetitions the top 10 qualify for nashville. Keep in mind thst i dont think RECF is affiliated with this. Sign up is through the TSA events signup not through robot events I think.