Tsunami Warning--Nanakuli VEX Tournament

To all teams participating in the Hawaii Nanakuli VEX Regional:

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit off of Chile today. As of now, Hawaii is on the list of places expected to be hit with the tsunami, with a tentative impact time set for 11:19 AM today. Nanakuli School, where the tournament was to be held, is serving as an evacuation center, meaning there will be a LOT of people there. Additionally, much of the road to there from other places on the island is in danger of being hit by the wave. 'Iolani School has already pulled out of the tournament. Keep in mind that the point is NOT just to not be hit by the wave–the point is to keep the roads open in order to give others time to evacuate.

Radford 2454 is pulling out also. SO is the tournament postponed. It better be because the school is right across the shoreline.

Good luck to everyone, and stay safe!

Yes, as the location is an evacuation center, the tournament was cancelled and everything was being broken down. If you were not/are not able to pick up your robot, it is going to be moved to Rick Enright’s classroom for you to pickup at a later time.

They will have a heck of a time breaking everything down (they built their own elevated platforms and everything) because students were not being allowed by their parents to come and assist which is reasonable.

Does anyone know whether the tournament is cancelled or just postponed?

I talked to one of the advisors hosting the event and said its cancelled. He’s trying to reschedule it.

Hope everything and everyone is alright. Not much more that I can say but good luck with the event.


Man, it was such a let down. And completely out of nowhere. Just 8 hours from when i woke up, i was at Nanakuli messing with my robots and everything seemed right. I was so set for the competition today. Ah well, hopefully it’ll be rescheduled soon.

I think that its better to be safe than sorry in a situation like this. Don’t let it vex you.

News reports say it was a miss, and the waves weren’t too bad. I’m glad that from what I’ve heard everyone is OK, and they can get back to competition soon.