TT Design Necessities

Before thinking of designs, it’s always important to think of the functionality that you want you robot to have. What are some key design points or capabilities that you think a robot should have this year?

Here’s my preliminary take (Some might seem obvious but it’s easy to overlook the simple things)

Necessary abilities - The ability to:

  • detower a cube
  • score on the “low” tower
  • withstand defense
  • stack on already scored cubes
  • create, pick up, transport, and score stacks of cubes

Competitive abilities - The ability to:

  • score cubes on tower with minimal turning
  • score on the “high” tower
  • detower a cube and retower a new one in parallel
  • stack cubes in a progressive, ITZ fashion

It really depends on which strategy takes lead. Will we do a hoard all cubes while alliance partner stacks sort of strategy, or will we do a fast paced gather and deposit sort of strategy.

For the first one strategy, you need to decide what kind of robot you will make, a stacker or a hoarder. The hoarding bot will need multiple intakes or at least a really big intake. The stacker needs to be able be precise and efficient.

The ability to detower will be extremely important because you won’t be able to directly or indirectly interact with your opponent’s stacks. Having an intake design that can do both intake and outtake cubes in any orientation at a fast pace will be something all teams should look for.

Overall, being able to maneuver the field with finesse is necessary for this kind of game.


ive been thinking of a intake system that would consist of either on or 2 rows that would be filled and then would be transported to the scoring zone and then be set down there as a starting idea