TT parts arrived

I think I know what this is…

If you ordered a set of field parts, they should be arriving soon. This is outside my door.



Sweet! I thought that they were shipping in 8 weeks? Have fun with them! My team isn’t getting our field till August when we order it. School funding.


wow, congrats! When did you order it? We haven’t gotten our fields yet, nor the additional V5 kits ordered. We ordered the V5 mid april and the fields sometime after the reveal.

We got ours 4 days ago

Excited for mine to arrive, although they’ll be a few days late as we ordered them on the 4th

hmm… this makes me somewhat worried…
the cubes now say ships june 1st. Does this mean that everyone who buys them from now on won’t get it shipped until june 1st? and what about those who ordered it this past week, my club ordered it 3 days ago, does that mean we’ll have to wait until june 1st to get our cubes shipped?

Ours should be here soon, not 100% sure when my school ordered it.

the parts just arrived at my school today and im so excited i cant wait to start testing out ideas

I ordered it from robot mesh the day of worlds, should I have gotten a shipping notification by now?

To be on a similar topic; One thing that suprises me is how quick the website updated with the field products, with the addition of robotevents adding the information too right at the game reveal. I looked on robotevents and vexrobotixs and immediately after the game reveal everything showed up for the new season at the same exact time. I dont know how VEX and RECF does it but its insane.

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Lots of preparation, and lots of prayers hoping that all the right checkboxes are clicked to keep the product pages from leaking.


Yeah it’s just one massive prank. We’re getting shipped water game materials


you just walked the prank