TT scoring question


I was wondering if cubes that are NOT in the safe zone scoring zone can be de scored by other teams?



I would assume not because that would be a little cheap is teams could just go around knocking over the other team’s non-protected stack. it would change the dynamic of the whole game then. nobody would want to score anything big in those zones. i will check tho.

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Well see the only thing I have found even close to that is that teams can’t go into other teams safe zone, that’s it.



Causing cubes scored in an opponent’s goal zone (either one) to no longer be scored is prohibited by <SG3f>, and will result in an automatic disqualification.

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yep look at basically it is saying that if you are placing a stack in the non-protected goal zone, then you CAN be played defense on. but if you are placing a stack in the protected goal, no one can touch you. however, once any stack is placed, it can’t be touched by an opposing alliance.



look at *

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for some reason it wont let me send SG3 with <, > around it



I am quite confused as to what you are asking. Could you elaborate please? @Freshscott
There’s no such thing as a “safe zone scoring zone,” so I’m rather-more confused as to what you are trying to say it is. Could you go on Page 6 of the game manual and look up the word that you’re trying to mean?



I should have looked at the proper terminology first…

What I’m trying to say is that each team has 2 scoring zones, a protected one, and a non protected one.

The question is can a robot pull or knock cubes out of their oppents unprotected scoring zone?



No, once the cubes are scored, you cannot descore from either of the zones. What you can do is play defense on the unprotected zone before the cubes are scored, with no defense allowed in the protected side.

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