TT shipment

This is my second topic on the matter, where previously I had wondered about the progress of my orders. I ordered from RobotMesh 6 cubes (color selected) and a field element 1 kit for Tower Takeover. The cubes simply haven’t arrived at their warehouse which I get. I’m just confused on the field element kit progress. I was “told” that I would receive an email right when the kit shipped. Currently on the website, it says " Availability: Ships direct from VEX Robotics". So my assumption is that it has shipped, but I haven’t recieved an email for it. Can anyone clear this up for me?

UPDATE:They literally shipped the day after I made this,

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Assuming you are haven’t already, contacting RobotMesh ( and/or VEX support ( directly will likely help you more than posting on the forum.